Friday, 24 October 2014

Reminder - All children to wear winter uniform after Half Term break

Please remember that when your child(ren) return to school on Tuesday 4 November they must wear their winter uniform.
Your child must bring a coat to school every day and this must be plain black or navy blue only.  No patterned and/or coloured coats are permitted.  Navy blue or black woolly hats are allowed, again, no colours or logos are permitted.
For those parents who have children in Key Stage 2 who have school dinners, the amount payable for the forthcoming half term is £64.60.
Have an enjoyable break!
Graeme West, Head Teacher

Thursday, 23 October 2014

PTA Polish Night - Thurs 27 November

Following the resounding success of the recent Italian Night, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is organising a Polish Night for the evening of Thursday 27 November.
Tickets are already on sale in the the playground at the usual £10 per adult, £3 for non-SMM children.  Children from the School will be fed and watered at no charge.

The menu will be as follows:
  • Main course - meat soup, sausage dumplings, cutlets, Polish ham, sausage, cheese, salad and bread
  • Dessert - Polish cakes and cookies
  • Drinks - juice, tea, coffee, beer and vodka
  • For children - chicken and potato
There will also be Polish music and dancing!
The PTA Committee

Friday, 17 October 2014

Primary Proms at the Royal Albert Hall

On Monday 13 October Years Five and Six travelled to South Kensington by public transport to attend the Primary Proms Concert at the Royal Albert Hall.
Barney Harwood from Blue Peter was our host for the afternoon and all the acts performing were aged 8-18yrs of age.
‘Metamorphosis’ was the theme, an exploration of change through the transformative power of music, with contemporary interpretations, by young musicians, of traditional music.  The concert opened with a performance by a female group who sang 'Dynamite' and many of the audience joined in the singing and dancing.

Next came a change of pace - the Luton Jazz Orchestra, an incredibly talented group of young musicians, with spectacular trumpet, bass, trombone, saxophone playing and singing.  Then a
youth orchestra played a fusion of jazz and classical music.
'Waterman's Waters of Whitby' followed, a song written and composed by a young traditional Irish band, with a modern twist.
‘Raggle Taggle Gypsies’ was then sung by a youth choir to bring the performance to a close.
Many thanks to Mrs Saunders for organising this event, designed to widen the children's musical horizons.  A big thank you also to those parents and Governors who came with us.
Nigun Bekir

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Year 2's Young Ornithologists Go Wild!

On Tuesday 7 October Year 2 excitedly boarded their coach with Mr Rimell, Mrs Sheppard and Miss Mahony to go to Horton Kirby, in Kent.  They were going to learn all about different types of birds, but especially robins.

When they first arrived, they saw some birds up close - but sadly they were no longer alive, as they had been stuffed!  However the children found them fascinating.
After that, the children were given a pair of binoculars each and they set off for a bird-watching expedition.  Despite the children hearing lots of birdsong, the birds themselves proved elusive!  Still, there were a couple of sightings, and the children could hear what the birds sounded like.  They then went foraging amongst the grass to see what kind of food the birds like to eat – lots of spiders and mini-beasts, it would seem!
The last activity for the day was collecting brown leaves.  These leaves were then transformed into ‘rocking robins’ using glue and a paper plate.  The the children took their creations back to school, and these are now proudly flying above the topic area in the classroom!  All-in-all it was a great day out in the country, if a tiring one, but the children enjoyed themselves and will remember it for some time to come.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Spread the word - we're in the top 25%!

Now we're into school admission season it's time to draw the attention of parents at your Church and in your neighbourhood to a small and friendly local school that often goes under the local radar, but which has made enormous strides in the last 18 months, so much so that it has 'overtaken' other popular local schools with pupil achievement now in the top 25% of primary schools in England -  I'm talking about our very own St.Mary Magdalen’s of course! 
The School's March 2014 Ofsted report said “Pupils make good progress. By the end of Year 6 they reach standards that are above average in reading, writing and mathematics” and, since then, progress has continued apace under a determined Head and Deputy, with teachers and TAs who are driven to get the best out of all pupils, and a Governing Body focused on making the School the best it can be in the interests of the children.

The results of pupils in Year 6 in Summer 2014 put St. Mary Magdalen's in the top 5% (very far above) schools in Lewisham and nationally for Reading and Mathematics at level 4b+ and in Writing at level 4+.   Furthermore the % of pupils gaining level 5+ (which was below Lewisham and national averages in 2011), rose significantly above the Lewisham and national average in 2014 - by 29.5% and 31.5% respectively. [Data taken from the Lewisham School Profile, September 2014]
It goes without saying that the School is very pleased with the continual raising of standards over the last 3 years, resulting in significant improvement to the life chances of its children.
Danny McGrath
Chair of the Governing Body