Monday, 28 July 2014

Class Curriculums for Autumn 2014 Term

Please find the curriculum for each class next term by clicking on the links below.

Year 1 curriculum

Year 2 curriculum

Year 3 curriculum

Year 4 curriculum

Year 5 curriculum

Year 6 curriculum

The Reception Class curriculum will be posted shortly.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

End of Year Bulletin

As we come to the end of a very busy year, we should reflect on the many achievements your children have made in their work and in the many extra-curricular activities the School has offered them.  In Key Stage 2, pupils achieved 100% level 4 in both Writing and Maths and 96% in Reading: this shows an increase in progress and attainment for the past 3 years.  In Early Years, all the areas of learning are well above national figures and all except for writing are above Lewisham’s figures.  In Year 1, 84% of pupils achieved their Phonic Screening Tests.  In Key Stage 1, more pupils achieved a level 2 than last year.

Many of our pupils have achieved success outside of the classroom.  This year we nominated a pupil in Year 6 for her achievements through the Lewisham Pupil Ambassadors.  She was successful and staff attended her award ceremony two weeks ago. The Chatterbooks Club has raised the profile of reading in two year groups. This has encouraged the children to be more confident in their reading and their engagement for reading for pleasure.

Through our work with Partners in Excellence (PiXL) we have been able to move our 'key marginal' pupils across English and Maths to their expected levels and beyond in Years 5 and 6.  Two pupils attended an award ceremony at Queen Elizabeth Conference Hall, recognising their achievement this year.
Staffing for the 2014/15 School Year (from September)
The Governors have appointed one new member of staff for September.  Miss McKune is joining the Year 6 team for three days, to job share with Mrs Saunders.

Mr Rowbotham is leaving us this year and is taking up new opportunities. We would like to thank him for his maths work this year and wish him a successful and happy future.
Reception Teacher – Miss Knight. Teaching Assistants- Miss Cannata (all day), Mrs Cahalane-MacGuinness (a.m.) and Ms Jackson (p.m.)
Year 1 Teacher - Mr Pinks.  Teaching Assistants - Mrs Labiche, Mrs Mierzwinska (am)
Year 2 Teacher - Mr Rimell.  Teaching Assistants - Mrs Sheppard and Miss Mahony (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)
Year 3 Teacher - Mr Monteen.  Teaching Assistants - Ms Pelage and Miss Mahony (Wednesdays)
Year 4 Teacher - Mr Bowers.  Teaching Assistant - Mrs Azodo
Year 5 Teacher - Mrs Campbell-Hill.  Teaching Assistant - Mrs Marsh
Year 6 Teachers - Mrs Saunders, Miss McKune and Miss Gardener.  Teaching Assistants
Inclusion Manager- Mrs Piper
Dance - Mr Bowes
We have the capacity to deliver a high standard of education for our children.  We have had training over the last year on all aspects of the New Curriculum which will be in place from September 2014.  We have had a successful year moving to Ofsted's 'good' status - but we know that we have to maintain and work towards an 'outstanding' school for your child(ren).

We wish you a very restful summer holiday and for your children to return to School, in September, refreshed and ready for all the challenges in a new year group.

Kind regards,

Graeme West, Head Teacher
Sally Saunders, Deputy  Headteacher

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Our singers and musicians get their chance to shine

On Monday 14 July the School's musicians performed at the annual Summer Concert.    The choir sung us a variety of lively pieces and pupils who have individual singing and instrument lessons showed us the progress they've been making.  Every year the standards rise, and this year there were plenty of highlights.
Well done to the children and many thanks to Mrs Gardener who orchestrated the whole event, ably assisted by Mrs Borget, Mrs Framlingham and Mrs Piper.

The Jimmy Mizen Peace Challenge


On Weds 9 July the Jimmy Mizen Foundation's double decker bus came to the School.  The Foundation was set up as a way of remembering Jimmy Mizen, who was tragically murdered in May 2008.
The main aim of the Foundation is to promote building safer communities by increasing young people's awareness of the potential consequences of their actions.  The Foundation has also been instrumental in a Borough-wide youth-led campaign for peace.  The School was pleased to take part in the campaign by leaving handprints on a roll of cloth.  Hand prints will be collected from primary and secondary schools in Lewisham and across London.

Sadly Mrs Labiche's best friend's son, Ryan Gray's young life was taken, when he was stabbed in Islington.  She proudly added her hand print to the cloth along with our Head Girl and Mrs Saunders, our Deputy Head.

The hand printed cloths will eventually be displayed at Tate Modern, demonstrating schools' commitment to safer neighbourhoods.

Nilun Bekir

Friday, 11 July 2014

Sun shines on our Sports Day

The School held its Sports Day on Friday 4 July at King's College athletic fields in Brockley, on what was the hottest day of the year so far.  The children took part in their house teams Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.  The children competed at 8 different activities before finishing with the class races.  A positive atmosphere was created and every child was encouraged, which made the day thoroughly enjoyable for all involved.The real highlight, of course, were the parent races (!) - they created a buzz all across the sports field.  At the end of the day it has to come down to scores.  Matthew were in 4th place, Mark in 3rd, John in 2nd - and the winner was Luke.
"Sports day was fun, the dressing up race was hard" - Emily
"When I ran and I was fifth place, I did not mind if I lost or not, because it was such fun." - Calvin
" It was amazing to see how fast children could run and different events showed children's different talents." - Siobhan.

Ed Pinks
Sports Subject Leader